How To Find Your Car Tyres’ Age & Why it’s Necessary?

brake repairs DandenongIf you’re a car enthusiast, you want to ensure that all the components and parts of your vehicle are in top condition. Car service in Dandenong is necessary as car tyres are one of the most crucial vehicle components that need consistent care & attention.  Apart from your driving style, tyres have an impact on road safety & it’s good that you have found our blog to take the proper care for your tyres. Like us, they age too & the problem is that you all forget when the tyres were put on. However, we heard you & help you find your tyre’s age and why you must know it. Let’s get started.

Inspect Your Tyre’s Sidewall

You can find the birth date of your tyre stamped on its sidewall. The digits on the tyre tell you the week & year it is manufactured. For instance, 4019 indicates the tyre was made in the 40th week of 2019 & you can find the tyre’s age easily.

So, Why You Must Know The Age Of Your Tyres?

Knowing the age of your car tyre is a proactive approach in keeping your rides safe and increase fuel efficiency. From ensuring road safety & preventing unfortunate accidents, offering better grip on the road, smooth, there are lots you can do with quality tyres. When it comes to tyre care, you must consider these things.

  • Tread Wear
  • Tyre Age
  • Pressure
  • Rotation

Age is another factor that has not been taken seriously as often as it should be. It’s because tyres face wear and tear quickly & the tyre wear will mark the end for your tyres. The general rule of thumb is to have your tyres checked professionally by mechanic in Dandenong every five years and replace them every ten years.

Some of you may even ask what if the tyre appears to be good even after ten years? When it comes to appearance, you even when there is an underlying issue. It doesn’t matter whether it looks good on the outer surface, the inside system may be deteriorating.

So, once your car tyres have crossed five years, have our Mechanic from Continental Dandenong perform inspections manually and install a new set of tyres if required. For tyre inspections and installations, call us on 0397918841 today.

Is Your Vehicle Suspension Under Trouble? – Find Out!

Car service - MechanicYour car’s suspension should be in a good condition for giving a smooth ride. Car service in Dandenong is necessary as they maximise the friction between the vehicle tyres and the road helping you have a comfortable ride. No matter how poor the road condition may appear, a vehicle suspension system provides support for passengers by limiting the impact of a bumpy ride. A suspension system is made up of many components, which stabilise the movement of the vehicle, reduces excess energy from road shocks along with the shock absorbers and struts. When the vehicle suspension is not good, it will have adverse effects like poor vehicle control, losing steering stability, worn-out components and much more. Let’ see the failing signs of a vehicle suspension system.

Uneven Tyre Wear

Your vehicle tyres suffer the most consequences when the shocks and struts have worn out. It could lead the tyres to go unevenly, making your ride unsafe and bumpy.

Greased Shocks & Struts

Generally, the shocks and struts should be dry; if it’s greasy or oil, there must be a leaking fluid in the system. If the oil is leaking on your shocks & you should know that there is a problem within the vehicle suspension system.

Steering In Opposite Direction

When the road is in good condition, yet you face a bumpy ride or a rough ride, you should suspect your vehicle suspension system and get it inspected by a mechanic in DandenongIf you’re following the speed limit, and even when your vehicle is swaying or steering towards the left, you must immediately bring it to the car repair shop for inspection. They’ll figure out the issue and provide you with genuine parts installation and help you have a safe ride.

These are some of the failing signs of your vehicle suspension system. If you’re facing these issues, it’s time to get our car mechanics Dandenong to help you out. For appointments, call Continental Dandenong on 0397918841 today.

3 Essential Safety Checks For Your Tyres

Continental TyresWhen it comes to car service Dandenong, most car owners ignore the importance of having their vehicle tyres checked. Tyres go through highs and lows and are taken for granted. With factors like poor road conditions, driving style, and lack of maintenance affects it even more. When you’re not having a comfy ride or feeling a bumpy ride, it’s where you should have a car mechanic inspect your car tyres to recommend a replacement or a repair. Considering the safety of you and others on the road, make sure to check your vehicle’s tyre pressure, tyre grip, and wheel alignment by a car mechanic. Here, in this blog, we’re going to tell you the safety check you should do for your vehicle safety. Let’s get started.

Tyre Pressure

Checking the tyre pressure is one of the simplest safety checks you need to do. As low or high tyre pressure reduces the lifespan of the tyres, increases fuel consumption and can even lead to a tyre-blow out. It is a must check every time you fill the fuel for your vehicle. For safety and performance, you need to have your tyres replaced by a certified car mechanic in Dandenong.

Damage Inspection

Have you assessed your car’s tyre condition? There may be screws, glass fragments, and other sharp objects along the way that may have ruined your tyres. They make their way into your tyres making bulges, deep cuts, and punctures. So, whenever you’re facing a rough or bumpy ride, or the tyre suddenly stops, check and replace the worn-out tyre.

Inspect Tread Wear Indicator

Every vehicle has a treadwear indicator where it indicates the tread wear level. If you see the tread wears down, it’s time to understand that your vehicle tyres need a replacement. So, keep a check now and then and have your tyres checked by a professional car mechanic in Dandenong.

Bottom Line

Tyre maintenance is a crucial part of car maintenance, so keep them in good condition or get them inspected professionally. If you’re having issues with your tyre or want to replace them with a new one, contact Continental Dandenong on 0397918841 today.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Vehicle with Car Service in Dandenong

Tyres & wheelsCar repair service is certainly worth spending as it pays you back in the long run. If you come across any problem with your vehicle, taking it to the Car Service in Dandenong is extremely crucial to prevent the condition from getting worse. No matter what kind of problem it is, it should be addressed as early as possible to prevent extensive damages. With regular maintenance, you can restore your car to its original condition. Even a simple oil change makes a great difference on the performance of your car.

A certified car mechanic Dandenong provides you with a wide range of car repair services and brings back its performance. Right from fixing minor dents to wheel alignment in Dandenong, every concern can be addressed by these experts. If you are serious about having hassle free and pleasurable driving experience, then the simplest way is to follow car maintenance schedule properly. Without proper care, even high end cars can get broken down frequently.

A reliable and trustworthy car service in Dandenong deals with a wide range of problems. Even if your car has advanced features, the licensed car mechanics can provide ultimate solution for any concern. They have in-depth knowledge on the unique features of the vehicle, regardless of their make and model.  The experienced and knowledgeable mechanics can provide efficient Clutch repair in Dandenong with their excellent craftsmanship.

Car repair service can be expensive, but there are several firms that provide the best possible services at competitive prices. Distinguishing reliable service providers among the crowd is highly crucial to be assured of alleviating potential problems before getting worse. Working with professionals specialized in brake repairs in Dandenong helps in extending the lifetime of your vehicle. On the flipside, you can also be assured of your safety as well. So, it is always better to look for the car repairing professionals with great reputation and recognition in Dandenong.

How to Choose the Best Car Service in Dandenong

wheel alignment and balancingIf you own a car, you must look for a reliable car service company beforehand as you may encounter repairs at unforeseeable situation. In fact, repair and maintenance services are extremely crucial to ensure optimal performance and extend the lifespan of your vehicle. Dandenong is a suburb in Melbourne where you will find a number of well established car service companies, but choosing the right one is very important to get the best services. You should get car service in Dandenong only from the renowned company to make your vehicle perform well on the road.

Things to consider:

  • Select the car service company which is known for providing quality services at affordable prices.
  • Go with the firm which has all the necessary licenses.
  • Choose the firm with a team of customer friendly car mechanic in Dandenong.
  • Make sure whether the mechanics have expertise on a wide range of automotive repairs and are capable of providing perfect solution for all repairs.

Choosing the right car service company?

  • You can start hunting for the Car Service in Dandenong by listing out all the car repair firms located in this suburb. Once you have the list, you can get quotes from them and compare their pricing schemes.
  • Then the next step is to check the certification and license of the company. Poor car service not only affects the performance of your vehicle but also put your life at risk. Checking the certification of the mechanics and license of the firm is highly recommended, especially if you are looking for brake repairs in Dandenong. Only a licensed firm offers higher level of car repair and maintenance services to the consumers.
  • Checking the quality of their service is also very important to avail Clutch repair in Dandenong. You must make sure that the shops have well maintained equipments to offer top quality service to its customers before enrolling with them.

As you may come across any problem with your vehicle, choosing the one which is specialized across all areas including wheel alignment in Dandenong is extremely crucial to prevent mishaps.