Tyres Dandenong

Your car tyres are perhaps the most important components because they are the only part that actually encounters the surface of the ground when you drive. For your car to be safely driven on the road, your car wheels and tyres must be safely fitted to the correct size, pressure and tread depth. Without sufficient pressure and tread depth, your tyres will turn into road hazards, causing accidents that could easily be prevented. When you work with reliable companies like Continental Tyres Dandenong, you can rest assured that we provide services for tyres and wheel alignment to meet your needs perfectly.

Why Work With Continental Tyres Dandenong?

At Continental Tyres, our team of mechanics is well trained to offer you sound advice and repair service to meet your wheel and tyre needs. We will help equip you with:

  • Proper tyre information for your particular car model.
  • Checks for tread depth and pressure based on manufacturer specifications.
  • Information on wheels and other specifications for your car model.
  • Tyre and wheel repair work necessary for a smooth and safe drive.
  • Wheel alignment and wheel balancing to ensure a smooth ride on the road.

While your owner’s manual provides all the information you need on safety and maintenance, we will take precautions to ensure that these factors are properly implemented in your car before letting you take it out for a drive. We thoroughly inspect wheels and tyres for repair and alignment problems.

Continental Tyres will tune-up all your tyre needs in Hallam, Dandenong and other surrounding areas, so be sure to use our reliable and friendly services at the most competitive rates in the industry.


Our Service Area:

Dandenong,  Cranbourne,   Keysborough,  Noble Park,  Narre Warren,

Berwick,  Rowville,  Endeavour Hills,  Hallam,  Hampton Park, Springvale,

and other South eastern Suburbs