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    Mechanics Dandenong

    Car MechanicRegular maintenance is vital for a car to run smoothly. This entails mechanical and electrical repairs along multiple areas of your car. Mechanical repairs involve repairs in the car’s body, chassis, transmission, filter, brakes, clutch, engine, brake pads and tyres. At Continental Tyres Dandenong, we have a highly skilled team of mechanics to undertake all types of car service and mechanical repairs to meet your every need.

    Our experienced Car Mechanics will do a complete car inspection before appropriately advising you on your next course of action. Our mechanics in dandenong are well trained to undertake thorough car service, in accordance with the specifications of car manufacturers. Contact us at Continental Tyres Dandenong to benefit from the best mechanical repair car service in the area. Call 03 9791 8841  and hire expert car mechanic in Dandenong and surrounding suburbs.

    Our Service Area:

    Dandenong,  Cranbourne,   Keysborough,  Noble Park,  Narre Warren,

    Berwick,  Rowville,  Endeavour Hills,  Hallam,  Hampton Park, Springvale,

    and other South Eastern Suburbs in Melbourne.

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  • wheel alignment and balancing
    Brake Repairs & Clutch Repair Dandenong

    When your car brakes start grinding, squealing or causing jerks, it may be time to have your brakes inspected. If you notice pedal pulsation, binding, vibrations or dragging when operating your car’s clutch, it could be because of faulty clutches. In any circumstance, contact the expert mechanics at Continental Tyres Dandenong to benefit from brake repair and clutch repair. We also offer brake repairs and clutch repair service in Hallam, Dandenong and other surrounding south eastern suburbs.

    Types of Brakes

    Brakes are important safety features for vehicles because they stop a car from moving and losing control. There are different brake types within a vehicle.

    • Disc Brakes: These consist of a disc brake rotor attached to the wheel and a caliper to hold the disc brake pads. The friction between the rotor and pads causes a car to stop or slow down.
    • Drum Brakes: Drum brakes comprise a wheel cylinder, brake return springs, brake shoes and a wheel-attached brake drum. The friction between the drum and shoes causes your car to stop or slow down.
    • Emergency Brakes: The emergency braking system isn’t powered by any hydraulic system. Instead, they use cables to apply the brakes mechanically. Emergency brakes include the stick lever between the passenger and driver seat, a pedal on the floor or a push button on the steering column. They are usually applied to keep vehicles stationary when parked.
    • Anti-Lock Brakes: Anti-lock brakes are present in newer models. These prevent the wheels from locking up, so the tyres don’t skid. This system monitors the wheel speed and automatically applies brake pressure on wheels when skidding is noticed.

    Brake Repairs & Service Dandenong

    1. The importance of good brakes can never be underestimated. Your brakes are not only responsible for stopping the car, but they also help you decelerate when going downhill, help in avoiding collisions and keep your car stationery when not being used. That’s why it’s so important your brakes are always maintained in good working order.

    2. Just replacing your brake pads every now and then isn’t  good enough. There are many parts to a brake system that need checking and, in some cases, replacing. Your local Continental Tyres Dandenong  can take a look at your brakes and advise you on what needs to be done.
    3. Depending on which service package you choose, our qualified service technicians will check the braking system components: from the master cylinder right through to the brake discs and drums and everything in between, including the brake fluid.

    When was the last time you had your brakes checked? Visit your Continental Tyres Dandenong  Brake Specialist today to ensure that your car’s braking system will never fail you.

    Clutch Repair Service 

    At Continental Tyres Dandenong, our mechanics will check your gearbox and transaxle to identify potential problems with your clutch. We have the expertise to let you know what needs repair and what needs replacement when it comes to the clutch of your car. Rely on us to give you the best clutch repair Dandenong service.

    Our Service Area:

    Dandenong,  Cranbourne,   Keysborough,  Noble Park,  Narre Warren,

    Berwick,  Rowville,  Endeavour Hills,  Hallam,  Hampton Park,  Springvale,

    and other Southern Suburbs

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  • Wheel balancing
    Vehicle Suspension Dandenong

    In order for you to experience a smooth and comfortable ride every time you opt to get on the road, looking into your vehicle’s suspension is highly recommended. This can aid you in different areas, even when the road is in poor condition. Vehicle suspension service by continental tyres dandenong is very vital for you to be ensured that every tyre stays in constant and firm contact with the surface of the road. Without a properly functioning and maintained suspension, you can become the victim of adverse effects, like tire wear.

    Vehicle suspension can aid in controlling the vehicle’s direction of travel, aid in keeping the tires in contact with the road, aid in supporting vehicle weight, aid in maintaining correct wheel alignment, aid in reducing the effect of shock forces, and aid in maintaining accurate vehicle ride height. These reflect the six basic functions of the car’s suspension system.

    There are a variety of suspension specialists in surrounding suburbs that you can opt for in order for your vehicle to be in perfect shape at all times, but ever since it was introduced to the public, Continental Tyres Dandenong has been able to stand out from the rest due to their professionalism, affordability and effective solutions.

    It did not take long for Continental Tyres Dandenong to become a top Tyres and Wheel specialist in the areas of Dandenong, Hallam, Hampton Park, Springvale, Endeavour Hills, Rowville, Berwick, Narre Warren, Noble Park, Keysborough, Cranbourne, and other southern suburbs. We always go extra mile in order to ensure that every vehicle attains first class suspension service at all times.

    Our Service Area:

    Dandenong,  Cranbourne,   Keysborough,  Noble Park,  Narre Warren,

    Berwick,  Rowville,  Endeavour Hills,  Hallam,  Hampton Park, Springvale,

    and other South eastern Suburbs

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  • Continental Tyres
    Roadworthy Certificate Dandenong

    Roadworthy CertificateA Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) dandenong  is important when you want to re-register or sell your vehicle. You can obtain this certificate after visiting a licensed tester like Continental Tyres Dandenong who awards it after testing the vehicle thoroughly. This certificate helps to reduce the number of unsafe vehicles on the road that are likely to endanger the lives of others.

    Do you live near Dandenong or Hallam? Visit continental tyres dandenong to get your vehicle tested. The cost of RWC depends on the type, age and condition of the vehicle.

    A roadworthy certificate is normally valid for 30 days after issue. All faults with the vehicle need repair within seven days after which, a new inspection is required. A vehicle that is roadworthy has to pass the test on major safety items that include:

     The braking system, steering and suspension

     The safety of the seats and seat belt

     The condition of the tyres and wheels

     The lamp, reflectors and light

     All the windows and glass in the vehicle

     The windscreen, wipers and washers

     The engine, body, chassis and other safety items

     The structure and integration of the vehicle

    We also conduct extensive checks on the vehicle if you require a detailed evaluation.

    For info on RWC can be obtained here: Get a Certificate of Road Worthiness

    If you have any questions about roadworthy certificate inspection or you need a roadworthy certificate for your vehicle, call us at (03) 9791 8841 to schedule an appointment.

    Our Service Area:

    Dandenong,  Cranbourne,   Keysborough,  Noble Park,  Narre Warren,

    Berwick,  Rowville,  Endeavour Hills,  Hallam,  Hampton Park, Springvale,

    and other Southern Suburbs

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  • Mechanics - Car repair service
    Vehicle Servicing

    Car Service and Log book service at affordable rate. We specialise in servicing all types of cars makes & model.


    Our Service Area:

    Dandenong,  Cranbourne,   Keysborough,  Noble Park,  Narre Warren,

    Berwick,  Rowville,  Endeavour Hills,  Hallam,  Hampton Park Springvale,

    And other Southern Suburbs

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