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Is Your Vehicle Suspension Under Trouble? – Find Out!

Car service - MechanicYour car’s suspension should be in a good condition for giving a smooth ride. Car service in Dandenong is necessary as they maximise the friction between the vehicle tyres and the road helping you have a comfortable ride. No matter how poor the road condition may appear, a vehicle suspension system provides support for passengers by limiting the impact of a bumpy ride. A suspension system is made up of many components, which stabilise the movement of the vehicle, reduces excess energy from road shocks along with the shock absorbers and struts. When the vehicle suspension is not good, it will have adverse effects like poor vehicle control, losing steering stability, worn-out components and much more. Let’ see the failing signs of a vehicle suspension system.

Uneven Tyre Wear

Your vehicle tyres suffer the most consequences when the shocks and struts have worn out. It could lead the tyres to go unevenly, making your ride unsafe and bumpy.

Greased Shocks & Struts

Generally, the shocks and struts should be dry; if it’s greasy or oil, there must be a leaking fluid in the system. If the oil is leaking on your shocks & you should know that there is a problem within the vehicle suspension system.

Steering In Opposite Direction

When the road is in good condition, yet you face a bumpy ride or a rough ride, you should suspect your vehicle suspension system and get it inspected by a mechanic in DandenongIf you’re following the speed limit, and even when your vehicle is swaying or steering towards the left, you must immediately bring it to the car repair shop for inspection. They’ll figure out the issue and provide you with genuine parts installation and help you have a safe ride.

These are some of the failing signs of your vehicle suspension system. If you’re facing these issues, it’s time to get our car mechanics Dandenong to help you out. For appointments, call Continental Dandenong on 0397918841 today.