Puncture Repairs Springvale

The first thing you want to take care of when you have a flat tyre is to get back on the road. It is important that you get your car to safety out of the way of traffic and then try to replace the flat tire with a spare. It is equally important though to get the puncture repairs Springvale done as soon as possible as you do not want to have another flat tire anytime with a punctured spare!

Normally, tyres with punctures in the tread area can be repaired but sometimes, puncture can be in an area beyond puncture repairs Springvale. Punctures can usually occur because of sharp objects like nails and screws that get stuck in the tyre’s tread and cut into the tubeless tyre’s casing, leading to the air escaping and making the tyre deflate. Most puncture holes are less than 5mm across and if it is within the tread area of the tyre, puncture repairs Springvale can usually be made to the tyre. In case brake repairs are not possible, replacing the tyre would be the only option.

By puncture repairs Springvale, we seal the tyre’s casing from inside to prevent air or moisture from entering or leaving the tyre. For this, we must first remove the tyre from the rim and identify the exact puncture location. We perform a thorough inspection of the punctured tyre and make sure that the hole has been plugged properly and that the tyre has been made air-tight by placing a sealant inside the tread.

Puncture repairs Springvale normally take approximately 30 minutes to complete. It includes deflating and removing the flat tyre, inspecting and repairing the puncture and fitting the tyre back on the rim and performing wheel balancing. If you have any questions about puncture repairs Springvale, please contact us to speak to a specialist.