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    Car Service and Log book service at affordable rate. We specialise in servicing all types of cars makes & model. Call 03 9791 8841 to book your next service.

Roadworthy certificate Berwick

You require in Victoria, a roadworthy inspection and roadworthy certificate Berwick, called a ‘Certificate of Roadworthiness’ if:

  • You are selling your vehicle
  • You are re-registering a vehicle
  • If a vehicle’s defect need to be cleared
  • In some circumstances, vehicles may be exempt from requiring a Certificate of Roadworthiness.

Only an authorized vehicle inspector can issue a Certificate of Roadworthiness. Once the roadworthy certificate Berwick has been issued, 30 days are granted from the issuing date to update the details for the transfer. If the vehicle fails the test, you get just 7 days to repair or replace the particular items outlined in the report. After 7 days, if the vehicle is not fixed, you will require a complete roadworthy certificate Berwick inspection again.

The cost of a roadworthy certificate Berwick can change depending upon the age, make and model of a vehicle.


The roadworthy certificate Berwick examination is a check of the vehicle to guarantee that the key parts are in a fit condition for safe street use. It incorporates:

  • Tyres & wheels
  • steering, suspensions and brake mechanisms
  • seats and safety belts
  • lights and reflectors
  • windscreen, and windows including front wipers and washers
  • vehicle structure
  • other wellbeing related things on the body, suspension or motor.


The roadworthy certificate Berwick test isn’t a check of the mechanical unwavering quality or general state of the vehicle. The endorsement does not mean:

  • that the vehicle is in top condition with no wear or tear
  • non-security related extras, for example, the heating and cooling system, rear window demister, electric windows and rear window wipers are working
  • that the things checked amid the roadworthy assessment will keep on functioning after the review e.g. a brake light can quit working whenever after the examination.

If you want a complete check on the overall condition of the vehicle, contact us.